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Goldschmaus was founded in 1988, when almost 36 pig farmers merged to form a producer association. At that time, they slaughtered almost 35,000 pigs for half a year! The producers’ association developed into a medium-sized enterprise that was slowly being established in the market.

Today, the Goldschmaus Gruppe slaughters and processes 35,000 pigs a week, and is now the 6th largest group of pigs in Germany.

In 2019, they acquired the calf slaughterhouse in Oldeburg, which they completely renovated.

Statistics 2019

  • 175,000 tons of pork
  • Slaughter capacity 35,000 pigs / week
  • 1,500 staff
  • 420.000.000€ Turnover
  • 45% is exported to Europe, Asia, America and Africa.



Product Catalogue

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