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Friselva was founded in 1950 and is a pig slaughterhouse in the Girona region of Spain belonging to the group AGROALIMETARI CARNI.

It is a vertically integrated company, of which 50% of the production of pork belongs to its farms. At the same time it has its own company that produces cold cuts (Rafael Baro), and organic fertilizers from the processing of pork residues.

The slaughter capacity is 35,000 pigs / week.

They specialize in boneless cuts and have developed for the Greek market a pancetta cut especially for gyro.


IFS, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, BRC

Statistics (2020 data)

  • 170,000 tons of de-boned meat
  • 900 staff
  • €350.000.000 Turnover
  • Exports to 52 countries

Product Catalogue

Take a look at the Friselva Product Catalogue (PDF)

FRISELVA - Pork Meat from Spain - Nafpliotis Group

FRISELVA - Pork Meat from Spain - Nafpliotis Group

Friselva Pork Meat

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