“Meat is our Passion”


Centro Carni Company an Italian family company, which is managed by the third generation, with 40 years of knowledge and culture in meat and operates based on their motto “Meat is our Passion”.

You can taste this passion in your dish: with what they do every day, with the culture of their products, with the care to make them, and the raw materials and processes they control.

They offer a high quality of services and products with respect to the origin of the animals, the land from which they come, what they eat and the environment around them, which implies respect for its consumers.

The Unika series, created in 2009, offers a wide range of meats from:

  • Beef, veal, milk, veal, aberdeen angus
  • Fresh and frozen portion meats in vacuum packed and skin packs
    Dry-Age fresh meat
  • Fresh and frozen low- and high-pressure gourmet burgers.

Standardization of processes, not products

They follow the same production process for all types of products, paying attention to the final consumer and what they will find on their plate, without offering … the usual. They sell to all 3 food segments:

  • 45% Catering
  • 45% Retail-supermarket
  • 10% Industry

Meat processing statistics 2021

  • €147.000.000 Turnover
  • 80,000 kg/day with bone
  • 20,000 kg of finished products
  • 1,500 kg/day portioned products

Product Catalogue

Take a look at the Centro Carni Catalogue (PDF)

Centro Carni Italian Beef - Nafpliotis Group

Centro Carni Company - Nafpliotis Group

Beef, veal, milk, veal, aberdeen angus

Italian Beef & Other Products of Centro Carni Company!