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Dehesa Grande is a livestock cooperative founded in 2000 in Salamanca specializing in beef.

It consists of 600 farmers with 35,000 suckler cows, of which most of the breeding herd are descendants of the parent breed, with massacres of 38,000 beef carcasses and 8,000 live calves per year. The main breeds are Morucha and Charolais.

They are fully vertically integrated, with privately owned fattening, feeding and slaughter facilities, serving both its own needs in the meat and cutting industry, as well as the entire cooperative group.

As a cooperative since 2017, Dehesa Grande carries out full traceability testing: genetic improvement, controlled feeding, good management, with veterinary techniques and certification advice.

In addition, it has Welfare Quality & Animal Welfare certifications in animal feed and meat industry on most of its farms.

Dehesa Grande is a key supplier in Portugal, to a large supermarket chain, wholesalers, supermarkets and butcher chains, and at the same time exports to several European countries.

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Quality Beef fro Spain Dehesa Grande - Nafpliotis Group

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